Sodium-Free Seasonings
and Gourmet Spice Blends

Bluesy All-Purpose Seasoning is a unique blend of the perfect spices and herbs to bring out the natural flavors of food without the sodium. Bluesy enhances the primary flavor of a dish.

Mariachi Southwestern Rub 
makes all food enthusiasts happy chefs. 
A blend of premium ground peppers 
with a hint of chipotle takes the charm 
of the southwest and simplifies it 
with a salt-free alternative without 
losing the flavors of the southwest.
Rock N Roll Steak Seasoning presents a bold approach for all proteins. This seasoning is made for meat but also provides a great flavor to vegetables and starches. use your favorite oil and make into a "wet rub" and sear in the goodness!
Jazzed Cajun Spice brings the taste of
New Orleans to your home without all the sodium. Delicately balanced between Cajun heat and sweet herbs, Jazzed will blacken and liven up any dish.