Sodium-Free Seasonings
and Gourmet Spice Blends

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

"One Rub at a Time"

Our Story

Rockin' Rubz was the dream of Chef Jamie Leedy to create a formula of all-natural herbs and spices to sustain the savor of salt without the sodium. After much trial and experimenting in 2015 Rockin' Rubz Sodium-Free Seasonings was born. Blending five select ingredients together in "Harmony" creates the formula used in all our blends. Now you can enjoy the "savor without the sodium".

We use premium ingredients with high potency, purity and price to design the perfect blends. Rockin' Rubz is growing and we invite you to grow with us as we provide you with an all-natural, chemical free, gluten free, sugar free and sodium free alternative that focuses on flavor. 

Rockin' Rubz Mariachi Seared Halibut with Bluesy Fruit Salsa